About Us

Kisima the Safari Company

We warmly welcome you to Kisima the Safari Company. Come and enjoy a true African Experience as you have a foretaste of what awaits you here in our home.
Your hosts, the people of East Africa are friendly and hospitable. Our culture is rich and diverse with stunning diversity.

Realizing tourism potential in an environment sensitive manner
The Kisima selection of partner luxury resorts, safari lodges and hotels spans some of the most evocative, exotic and enchanting destinations in Kenya.
The Kisima service profile guarantees unprecedented luxury, extensive amenities and unrivalled warmth of personal attention.

Kisima Care
We pride ourselves on the calibre of our service: but then we’re very fortunate in our staff. We employ only the best; and not only do we ensure that they benefit from extensive training, health and community support, but we also believe in encouraging their full participation in both our present and our future.

Kisima quality

We believe our guests deserve the best – and this extends from the vibrancy of our cuisine, to our choice of wines. We also believe in delivering optimum style of surroundings, uncompromising standards of comfort, extensive global connectivity and efficient business support.
All our partner properties are styled so as to compliment the landscape, nurture the environment and celebrate the rich tapestry of local culture.

Treasuring our heritage

Tourism is about people, and we believe in introducing our visitors to the real character of their hosts. East Africa offers unusually complex and colourful ethic tapestries, featuring a charismatic mix of peoples ranging from the scarlet-cloaked Maasai, to the vibrant Taita people. This heritage is, however, fragile; and in order that it may be both preserved and nurtured for the future, we believe that the benefits of tourism must be shared with the local community.

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